Healthful and Tasty Health Bites are created specifically to support our immune systems and to provide clean and sustainable energy for our bodies! They are great for snacks on the go that are made from healthy tree nuts, coconut, fruits, and spices.

Try our fun and delicious bites! We have sweet and savory flavors We are ready to make you smile with satisfaction as you boost your immunity and gain healthy energy to fuel your needs!


SEVEN flavors await to fuel your body!


Cranberry Cashew Bites

Feel your eyebrows rise in pleasure as you take your first bite. Get the taste you love from cranberries without the extreme tartness. These will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Apple Pistachio Bites

Apple Pistachio bites need no introduction. You may even notice your toes curling with delight. These two flavors paired up, have been making people happy as long as we can remember.

Pineapple Curry 

Our Pineapple Curry is a delectable combination of subtle and comforting warmth with Indian style curry paired with just a hint of sweet from pineapple!

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Are you a fan of Pumpkin Pie? If so, then Pumpkin Pie Spice is the health bite for you. Get flavorful and nutritious bites without the guilt!

Mango Coconut

Sweet tropical flavor awaits you. Mango and coconut create a tasty combination ready for you to enjoy!

Honey Garlic

Like Garlic bread? So do we! We have the perfect health bite that tastes just like garlic bread but it is healthy for you!

Cinnamon Ginger

We explored a rich combination with these two! Capture the sweet and aromatic sensation from cinnamon and pair it with the warmth and zest of ginger!

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