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As a father who cares about what his children eat, I had limited options when it came to nutritious food for our little ones. I have an immuno-suppressed child so creating something that boosted the immune system that also was healthy and provided clean energy was important to me. After searching through many labels and products I found that healthy seemed to be defined as having healthy nutrients in them regardless of other items included such as high fructose corn syrup. That was madness to me. It didn't make sense to call something healthy when it had a great deal of bad stuff in it.  Thus began my journey to create a snack that I could feel good about giving my children and that would also fuel my own immune and energy needs.

Creating something that was healthful and tasty was no easy task. I could get healthy easily but most of the time it was not very good. We accomplished tasty as well but almost always found that to do so incorporated too high of a sugar content. Finally, after many iterations, we finally found what we were looking for.  When they came out of the oven, my children were always so excited and always encouraged me to sell them as they scarfed down the Health bites with their huge smiles along with their grunts of "Mmmm" and muffled expressions of "so good". So, I packed up and started selling them at local farmers markets and was pleasantly surprised at the demand for them.

 Once people sampled them I was stunned that so many children and adults alike who tried it went ahead and bought some. As time went on and attending the farmer's markets become a more active part of my life, I met so many people that encouraged me to place the product in stores and to set up a website to get the message out.

So, here we are trying to share the message that healthful and tasty alternatives exist to our usual quick snacks and diet. I love that I'm able to provide a good model for my children about having a healthful relationship with food. I'm becoming more healthy by the day, my children are having healthful snacks instead of junk food, and finally I'm able to help others see a way out of bad diets and adhere to a path that will help bring about wellness. It's been a truly remarkable journey where I have had the opportunity to be an example to those that need it and a pupil to those who can teach me. As always, I'm continuously grateful for your patronage and support. Working together, perhaps, we may just change the world one Health bite at a time!

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