My Healthful and Tasty Club

Thank you for Joining the Healthful and Tasty Club - the subscription plan that helps you:


  • Easily receive your tasty bites every month!

  • Free shipping!

  • Pay once a month - easy on the budget!

  • SAVE Money!


We have several options for you to try. 


  • 4 bags a month for $22.00- 8% off.

  • 8 bags a month for $40.00- 17% off

  • 12 bags a month for $54.00- 25% off

  • 20 bags a month for $80.00- 33% off

Choose your flavor of bites and how many of each per month you would like to receive.

[Dave - should get clear about how the subscription plan page should look and work to keep it simple]

[Will Paypal handle all the nuances??]

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